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Meet Handy Stands Sanitation Stations

Sanitation stations aren't just for hospitals and petting zoos anymore. In today's world every public place needs to think about protecting their patrons, their team, and their business against the spread of disease.

But, small bottles can run out quickly and wall dispensers can't move where you need them. Plus, refill packs can be hard to find when demand goes up.

That's why we created Handy Stands. Our adjustable sanitation stations can hold most standard pump-style bottles from 12 ounces all the way up to 1 gallon. Plus, they're portable, so they're always right where you need them to be.

Handy Stands in action!

Adjustable, Durable, Portable, and Secure; see why Handy Stands are the only sanitation stations you'll need!

Hand Sanitizer Stands | Thoughtfully Designed

Sometimes tiny bottles don't cut it. And we think being able to choose (and change) which brands of hand sanitizer or soap you buy is a good thing. So, we designed a stand that lets you do just that....remain flexible.

[hand sanitizer stand] - Handy Stands
  • Universal

    Use any brand of hand sanitizer or liquid soap you want. Don't be tied to a single supplier or container size.

  • Dependable

    Handy Stands are designed to hold up to 1 gallon jugs of sanitizer or liquid soap. So, don't worry about running out in the middle of your workday!

  • Adjustable

    Easily adjusts to fit most standard bottle heights. Plus, lower the bottle position for children and wheelchair-bound patrons. 

  • Portable

    Keep your options open. Handy Stands are completely portable. Or, secure them in place using the holes in the base to anchor them to the floor.

  • Durable

    Tough powder-coated steel construction makes Handy Stands perfect for high-traffic areas. Indoor or out.

  • Easy to Assemble

    Integrated pressed-in hardware makes assembly a snap. All you need is a Phillips-Head screwdriver (and your hands). Read more here.

  • American Made

    Handy Stands are manufactured in North Carolina by a family-owned ISO 9001:2015 registered company. So you can feel good that your purchase helps support small business. Learn more.

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