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Last-Minute Improvements

Last-Minute Improvements

We’re hard at work on our pilot run of Handy Stands scheduled to begin shipping in mid-June, but we had one last improvement to squeeze in first. Our goal is to design a stand which allows you to use any brand of hand sanitizer or liquid soap that you want. That means being able to hold and secure a wide range of bottle sizes as well.

We understand that a bottle of hand sanitizer can be an investment (plus, it can’t protect your business if it suddenly “walks away”). Based on customer feedback and testing, we realized that our bottle tray wasn’t keeping small and mid-sized pump bottles (around 1 liter and under) as secure as they should be. 

So, we’ve re-designed the platform on which the bottle rests to be reversible! We added a security tray to one side of the platform to make it really difficult to slide a smaller bottle out once locked in place. If you want to use a larger jug of liquid (like a half-gallon or gallon), just flip the platform over and your larger containers remain secure as well. 

This redesigned security tray will be included with all Handy Stands we ship. It’s one more way we’re working to make Handy Stands the most useful sanitation stands you can buy!

1 liter hand sanitizer

1 Liter Bottle shown

Hand Sanitizer  Half-Gallon