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The Problem With Automatic Hand Sanitizer Stations

The Problem With Automatic Hand Sanitizer Stations

Why aren't Handy Stands automatic hand sanitizer stations?

We've been asked why we focused on pump bottles rather than touchless or automatic hand sanitizer stations when we developed Handy Stands.

Automatic hand sanitizer stations look nice and touchless dispensers are convenient, but they come with their own sets of problems. Namely: Higher initial cost, more maintenance (think: batteries and smaller reservoirs), and they often lock you into using a certain type of sanitizer or refill pack.

What good is a sleek automatic hand sanitizer station if it's always empty or (worse) refill pouches are impossible to find?

Moreover, automatic hand sanitizer stations often can't be used outdoors and are less durable overall than the tried-and-true pump bottle.

Advantages of Handy Stands over Automatic Hand Sanitizer Stations

Handy Stands are designed to hold almost any pump bottle up to 1 gallon, so you don't need to worry about finding the right refill packs or running out of sanitizer in the middle of your workday.

They can be used indoors and out, and (with no electronics or moving parts) and powder coated steel construction, Handy Stands will last for many years (even in high-traffic public settings).

Furthermore, unlike most automatic hand sanitizer stations, Handy Stands are made entirely in America by a family-owned small business. So, you can be proud that you are helping to support American manufacturing jobs.

But...what about germs when you touch the pump?

Unlike automatic hand sanitizer stations, pump bottles do have a small touch point where germs can live. But, think about what you're using...HAND SANITIZER! As soon as your hand touches the pump, you are immediately killing any germs.

In the end, pump bottles are just as effective at killing germs as automatic hand sanitizer stations (only they're more durable and don't come with the  the extra maintenance headaches). Handy Stands are designed to kill germs on hands while giving you more flexibility over what you use and making protecting your business, your team, and your customers easier. After all...isn’t that the point?